Slim Fit

Easily made and on-time predictable results require a clear and correct step-by-step procedure.

In New Ancorvis, the creation of a strong procedure allows to enhance the features of the single elements, which are functional at every phase. For example, Slim Fit is not only a simple MUA, but a prosthetic component which can represent the starting point of a more modern digital flow because of its ability to improve the prosthetic solutions and the biological reactions.

Slim Fit has been designed and validated by aligning itself with the trend of the modern implantology which prefers prosthetic components that do not interfere with the peri-implant tissues and can be positioned even during the surgical phase by making a component necessary to perform the prosthetic restorations far from bone levels and to ease a biological seal after the healing of the gingival tissues also for the single implants.

Optimised for the digital flows – and suitable also to analogic flows- on Slim Fit is possible to use the Scan Body with dedicated designs for single crowns (Scan Body AQ Small) and AQ, and soon it will be possible to use specific Scan Body for multiple restorations and for edentulisms (Scan Body One Shot), as well as specific digital analogs.

The digital libraries are an expression of New Ancorvis’ versatility, and they represent the conjunction ring with the prosthetic components we develop. For this reason, there are dedicated libraries also for Slim Fit.

Thanks to Slim Fit, it is possible to manage prosthetics with cement-retained technique, with Innova technique, and with screw-retained technique, even in zirconia and for single crowns.

Starting from the intra-oral scanning, the New Ancorvis’ prosthetic components - more than 5.400 items in the catalogue – are the easy and ergonomically answer the physicians and technicians’ team is searching for.


Compatible Components: The Clever Choice for a Successful Implant-Prosthetic Treatment

An implant-prosthetic treatment can be successful when the insertion of bone implants and the creation of a prosthesis restore the aesthetic and the functionality in a correct and lasting way.

The current trends of the modern implantology show how the implants must be placed more deeply compared to the mucogingival edge to guarantee a long-lasting prosthesis treatment and by strongly influencing the choice of the prosthesis components associated to the implants, especially for the digital flows management.

Companies like New Ancorvis have fulfilled this need by developing new prosthesis solutions - as ti-base for cement-retained techniques and secondary components (MUA) – compatible with several implant lines.

Since ever New Ancorvis has dedicated a great attention to the research and the creation of its own prosthesis components to equip them with the features suitable to the new surgical trends and to enhance their advantages in the creation of the prosthesis treatment with a strong inclination to a digital workflow.

Now our range of components offers more than 5.400 items in the catalogue. This flexibility and variety allow the professionals to customise the treatment according to the needs of the patient and to easily optimise the clinical results also by counting on an important further advantage: their more affordable cost compared to the components of the manufacturers without compromising the quality and the safety. New Ancorvis has designed its compatible components by satisfying the same strict standards of quality and safety of the original components to guarantee reliability and excellent performances in compliance with the current regulations.

The most key factors for the identification of the prosthesis components by the clinical-technical team include the possibility to choose and to access to solutions able to simplify the efficacy of the daily practice by providing with benefits of performance, stability, and durability.

For example:

The opportunity to select the most suitable component for a better completion of the case
The opportunity to trust on a complete digital path, which starts from the Scan Body to the digital analog, by checking through a wide range of libraries
The possibility to use height-adjustable transmucosal profiles which allow to place the closure edge of the prosthetic treatment at a more crestal level, when the implants need to be placed more deeply.
The possibility to manage the creation of the angled channel of the tightening screw by counting on specific libraries and by using components optimised by tightening screws and specific drivers.

And even more examples:

The opportunity to access to a wide range of ti-base for cement-retained techniques able to reduce the risk of decementation thanks to a great mechanical retention degree of the cannula- which increases the cement tightness - and the typical geometrical shape of the ti-base that guarantee a correct and precise component positioning of the elements on the implants, above all in the connections with non-rotating engagements.

The least but not the last:

The possibility to count on secondary components perfectly in line with the clinical trends to make the subcrestal implants transmucosal and to be able to ease the post-surgery healing process of tissues by respecting the biological width and allowing a correct management of the support surface for the juxta-gingival prosthetic restoration.

Thanks to its deep knowledge in the production of semi-finished products, – from the most complex to the easiest structures, both of metal and powered materials - New Ancorvis has introduced into its line of compatible prosthetic components the best solutions to satisfy and to be ahead of the clinical and technical team’s needs by indicating them as clever, safe and with a good quality-safety relationship for the implant treatment.

The digital libraries are an expression of versatility, and they represent the conjunction ring with the prosthetic components we develop.

By accessing to the wide range of available libraries, the clients are helped in the choice among the works directly screwed on the implants or managed with the use of ti-base for cement-retained technique, and they are free to create a screw angled channel to avoid affecting the aesthetic.

The possibility to select the libraries according to the manufacturing kind for single or full-arch elements with different tolerance levels between the link and the element/structure where they will be positioned can offer a greater warranty of the single elements after having been fixed, and a total passive fit of the full-arch structures according to the needs.

In the end we can state that a Company like New Ancorvis can show how a compatible prosthetic component, if developed according to the right standards and introduced into a suitable digital chain, offers more benefits than an original component developed by only following commercial needs.

Forrest Gump

Nearly a year has gone by since we last dedicated a piece about us to this blog.

We have rolled up our sleeves, got our hands dirty and worked virtually non-stop over 2021, focused on the desire to roll out our ideas, making use of techniques and technology, to continue to innovate and act as a reference point for you.
We kicked off ambitious projects, introduced new young resources and launched Innova.

Innova is what we like to call disruptive because it rewrites the rules of the deep-rooted, well-established cement-retained technique, by resolving some grey areas and making it easier and faster to implement.

It seems like light years ago since we reshaped the cement-retained link and introduced our V4 Base link:

- Highe
- With variable transmucosal heights and dedicated librarie
- With a smaller gingival diameter compared to the market standard and the same as that of the reference implan
- For use with screws for straight and angled holes

Plus: given the innovative threaded body structure which can be assembled with a series of interchangeable accessories that can be screwed onto the same link.
This led to the Pick Up and Scan Marker components, which can be used on all our V4 Base links and Lego and Regolo accessories!

It was May 2019 when our V4 System was conceived!

And September 1, 2021 marked the momentous day when our new Innova method was presented to the public!

A dramatic shake-up in the cement-retained technique tradition that allows you all to produce more and better, saving time while working sustainably, without wasting material for vastly improved production processes.
Bars and Toronto bridges, with non-engaging links, in Titanium and SLM Cobalt-Chrome, Zirconia and PMMA are milling procedures that can be managed by the Innova method
The V4 Base is the starting point of this revolution and a clear-cut example of the constant desire to improve and meet all your requirements.

Its thread is conceived as a complementary part of the structure, designed to secure it more firmly and accurately over time.

The innovation lies in the fact that the cement-retained link is screwed to the structure and the cement, which is still recommended to use, (only) acts as a seal.

The benefits are clear and to cite just a few:

- all the temporary cementation and decementation steps are eliminate
- decementation is minimise
- the implant links always remain intac
- the resulting oral cavity hygiene is excellen
- a much smaller screw access hole is also guaranteed

PMMA and Zirconia milling work can be managed IN-HOUSE in complete autonomy.
Not so bad, don’t you agree?
And don’t forget the tools designed to help carry out the steps included in the method.
What more is there to say other than we are incredibly proud!
Just as we are proud of feeling like modern-day Forrest Gumps: constantly on the move and the unwitting guardians of his wonderful lesson of acceptance of what happens to us, without fear or delay.

New Ancorvis continues to advance and grow, rarely looking back and dazzled by the future!

At the end of this year, which has once again been tough, our desire takes the form of a promise, to always have something to tell you.

The experiences of these last two years have corroborated out vision and intentions. They have bolstered our belief in the importance of keeping you at the centre of our universe, both small and large.

We have talked to you about the positive side of humanity to be brought out alongside the quality and safety of products and services: we have set out on this path along which we believe we will meet you.

Get ready for 2022 packed with new products and projects - don’t get caught napping!


Cantoni (yes, him, the CEO of New Ancorvis) turned thinking and rethinking into a passion or, better, into a way to realise design innovation actions in his products.

It's the beginning of the year, a period in which the direction of the company's sales and R&D policy is established, determining its mood...

What is missing in the range? – we ask ourselves.

Well, various components are missing: from impression transfers to cylinders for temporary restorations, from bonding for computer-guided surgery to healing screws.

Damnit! – a whole universe of products and applications to be considered.

And so, trying to stand by New Ancorvis’ problem-solving vocation, first of all we focused on solving a matter linked to the management of temporary elements.

All eyes on bonding connectors!

"Could the cylindrical body be longer?" - one of the members of the R&D staff asks…

"Certainly! But what kind of innovation would that be? "- asks another.

Concentration! : what could our customers expect from a New Ancorvis bonding connector, considering that when the trefoil shape was added to the range, its impact was already renewed?

Think, think and …boom!

“It's never too late”! - according to the saying, so the bonding connector has been put back in shape and has definitely become more fascinating ;-)

This is what it looks like today:

With variable transmucosal heights and new dedicated libraries
With a reduced gingival diameter compared to the standard type found on the market and, actually, almost specular to that of the reference implant
It can be used with screws both for straight holes and for inclined holes

Wow, not bad at all!

It won’t cost you anything though, we have had another idea...

Given the innovative threaded structure of the body of the new bonding connector, why not provide a series of interchangeable accessories that can be screwed onto the connector itself?

That is how the Pick Up and Scan Marker components were created, universal for all of our V4 connectors and ”like a rolling stone”, the accessories Lego and Regolo!

Do you realise what we’ve done?

We have created a system around a new generation of bonding connectors!

Take note of the name: V4 System.

We will present it at the Expodental Meeting and you have to be there!

See you soon!


The call to action that the complexity of the technologies that we at New Ancorvis love most, that is the digital ones, is bringing to our attention is without compromises.

A call to action that we like to respond to and that has building power!

It builds synergies, best work practices, communion of intent and means: with respect and trust in the evolution of relationships which must necessarily be mutually enhanced to win the digital challenge.

It is in this way only, we believe, that we will all shine with our own light in this field and we will continue to fly beyond the digital future.

Technicians, clinicians and industry are the undisputed protagonists of a vast, fluid picture full of potential, that still learns and will always do so to return a service, a product and an ethical and excellent modus operandi.

And it is only by knowing and fully understanding all the actors, bringing them together, understanding their needs, their strengths, their weaknesses and their dynamics of comparison that it will be possible to create a virtuous circle in which the industry will act more and more as a trait d’union between the dental technician and the clinician, meeting the requests of both and enhancing their specific skills and professionalism, with the desire to simplify and innovate.

We like to think that it is a circular flow, namely fluid... that feeds us and that must be fed, whilst living in a liquid and continuously evolving present!

What do we mean?

We mean - without filters - that the time has come for us to converse even more thoroughly with the clinical world because the increasingly strong interconnection with the digital world wanted by the market seems to suggest a logical way of deepening the knowledge of all the actors involved in creating and improving services and products; who, in turn, base their foundations on the clear determination and respect of roles and skills.

Follow the White Rabbit ;-)

The slight warmth of the first days of spring makes us feel like telling a story...

This is why we would like to dedicate a story to you today: a story of attention and tendency to quality.

It was the end of the ‘90s when New Ancorvis decided to achieve the CE marking and UNI EN ISO 13485:2003 (now 2012): it was the beginning of a journey in continuous evolution.

A journey that has been far from easy, to tell the truth!

Of course, it has always been travelled with seriousness, but it required time to be completely internalised and experienced as a possibility of substantial improvement, not only in terms of product quality and safety but also (and perhaps above all!)  in terms of consolidating a fully aware business organisation devoted to constantly achieving better results.

We admit that it is and has been tough, because production companies like ours - completely in line with their customers’ expectations - are dynamic and difficult to bridle in standard workflows that do not change over time...

But even if we have worked extremely hard, we believe we have been repaid!

In fact, to date, we can say that the standards reached by our products in terms of quality, safety and reliability are high, as is high the degree of optimisation of our workflows, where all operators are required to express their know-how and desire to outdo themselves to ensure a productive efficiency that can be translated into benefits and added value for our customers: that is, into a kind of assurance of serenity, if we want to follow the New Age trend.

Of course these results, which we are clearly proud of, have been achieved thanks to willpower, know-how and obviously technology.

The latter, an undisputed protagonist in the New Ancorvis world, has allowed us to control the critical phases of the production flow, first of all the testing phase.

And in this regard, with an eye to the Easter period, we couldn’t help coming up with a surprise for you!

With reference to one of our most recent business lines - the Evo3D line for 3d printing- starting from May you will be able to count on our Accuracy Certificate, which basically proves the compliance of the source file with the product produced.

Using a measurable and structured detection system, each product will be compared to the file sent during the order phase in order to ensure its accuracy.

We are the first to perform and certify this type of testing related to 3D printed productions. We hope you have a great Easter... a high quality one ;-)



Be wary of those who don’t speak much and of the wind. They both mess up your head!

Hello World … and happy 2017 !!!!

After the holidays and the sequence of superstitious rituals performed to inaugurate a brand new year, we too at New Ancorvis have lots of new year's resolutions (read: company objectives Ed.)!!!

We have anticipated that the next 365 days will be full of energy, news and improvements and here’s where it starts!

The Leitmotiv of our actions will be the desire to tell you as much as possible about ourselves.

I imagine that you have already realised, thanks to this blog, that we like telling you about ourselves, not so much because we love boasting about what we do but rather because we believe that showing ourselves - together with what we produce - and everything that goes through our minds, gives you a guarantee that choosing us as a trading partner is correct and founded on clear and obvious pillars!

That is why we will soon present a new website, even easier to read, full of content and just a click away for all tastes ;-)

Not only texts but photos, not only photos but videos: we want our messages to reach you, we want it to be easy for you to find what you are looking for and we want everything to be within reach!

Even the interfaces dedicated to the management and forwarding of you work will undergo a great remise en forme: each space will be organised, more schematic, enriched, …in other words prettier ....

And, what's more, we will give new impetus to our digital-education, keeping you up-to-date with interesting tutorial videos on technical aspects concerning our productive methods which you will surely find useful.

And there's more!

It is impossible to resist the charm of social networks.

Also in this sense, we want to strengthen our interaction with you …because we like to think that you enjoy finding us in a boundless space like that of the web with our everyday life, made of technological development, design thinking, news, passion ….

You will often see references to this blog, which, as you already know, is the container of our feelings and full of newsletters designed specifically to give you important information to simplify and speed up your relationship with us.

But we don’t just want to talk about virtual communication!

We Bolognese are used to looking our interlocutors in the eyes, shaking our customers’ hand and receiving them with great satisfaction in our home.

So this year we will open our doors wide for all of you: we have always done it but now we will add the method... and 1000 new square metres.

Returning home after your visit at New Ancorvis, you will be holding a completely new catalogue and a simple and intuitive price list….

Make sure you are ready…. You will soon see some changes!

Chi s' loda s' imbroda ....a Bolognese saying meaning “pride comes before a fall” ;-)

New Ancorvis is not, of course, a perfect company free from flaws!

Every day we have to make improvements to guarantee our customers the results they expect from us!

From optimising the production cycles, to dealing with new ideas to develop the relationship with our customers, to communicating with the outside world, to creating increasingly advanced technical solutions, our work is constantly evolving.

We want to overcome our limits, not so much to be the top of the class, but to become a more and more reliable company you can bet on°.

Considering the feedback we receive from the market, the problems we experience every day and any advice from whatever source, to improve our activity we study improvements to apply to our business organisation, to our product range and to our commercial offer.

And this is the best part of our job: being so willing to improve, to change continuously.

Which is more or less what should happen to each human being, who by definition can never remain the same: free to choose whether to evolve or involve.

In fact, the process of change - which is usually scary - actually makes us excited!

And it is beautiful to see how excited we get after a correct intuition, an improved Cam strategy, a new product that takes shape…

It is as if we can hear the sound of the synapses in activity…Spectacular!

However, as is obvious, the path to improvement is also paved with frustrations, failures and unsuccessful results, reproaches and very severe self-criticism.

We often have to take this into account too…

But the positive thing is that there are 40 resolute and motivated people, who never get tired of trying to do something “properly” or better… not only to improve the perception of the company and what it produces…, the so-called “positioning”, but also for ourselves, aware that we still have a long way to go.

Why don’t you try working with Cantoni every day!

Let's debunk a myth: working with Davide Cantoni - ladies and gentlemen - is far from easy!

Like all self-made people, he has an oversized personality that permeates the entire company.

With a cheerful and rather direct personality, he struggles to remain within the limits imposed by his position and often ends up overflowing with heated and undoubtedly undiplomatic expressions that would discourage even the Top Managers of Fiat...

A real perfectionist who pays great attention to detail, which at times almost becomes an obsession, he continuously strives towards something better and spares you nothing! In other words, he constantly puts you under pressure, and, if you’re not reinforced with tungsten, he will wear you out!

However, upon closer examination, he is a person with fine intuition, passionate about what he does, who gets excited about the little and large objectives he achieves. Every day, he teaches us that it is important to put ourselves in other people's shoes in order to be able to offer effective answers and, in everyday life, he searches for practical business and life solutions.

He believes that together we are stronger: after all New Ancorvis is a Team of People and not an individual!

And, as we say, he is made in his own way, sometimes discontinuous, but able to motivate, spur and excite, as excited as a child who has a beautiful new toy in front of him, and able to prove over time that he too has matured and learned lots of things, even if he is the CEO of the company!

This is Davide according to my point of view and if famous people like W. Chan Kim and Renée A. Mauborgne define leadership applied to management as the “ability to create motivation, to encourage involvement and to support the men and women of the organisation, considering that the company's performance depends on their skills and motivation”, well then we can say that we are on the right track.

It is certain that being a leader - clearly not only an aptitude but also and above all a mentality that needs to be trained - is tiring and requires discipline!

First of all it requires being credible and competent, at all times! This is why it is necessary to learn, learn and learn and never stop learning.

It requires knowing how to transmit enthusiasm, motivation, transferring energy and love for work to the employees.

The leader must be curious about the members of his team which he wants to know everything about, their points of view and ambitions, showing a rare quality: being interested in people other than himself. 

And then he must believe in his dreams, in his points of view, convincing his co-workers of the feasibility of his idea.

He must be able to make sure that the instructions given have been followed and support those who find it difficult to complete their tasks.

Finally, he must be able to know how to correct his co-workers if they make mistakes, listening to their reasons and acting on the cause of the mistake in a constructive manner.

Last but not least, he must be capable of earning the love of all the members of the company and of loving them in turn - each one of them - because this is the only way to achieve exceptional results!