...Well New Ancorvis is a company of people who are passionate about their work, that travels fast within a complex market like the dental one.

Every day we try to interpret our customers’ needs - traditionally the dental sector - with cutting edge and always new solutions.

We like to think that the enthusiasm that guides us and the skill we constantly try to improve contribute to make us a reliable and solid reference point.

Since 1948 at the service of the dental sector with love

Since 1948 New Ancorvis has been working hard to offer the dental market 360°° solutions in step with the times and able to meet its customers’ increasingly complex needs.
By redefining our physiognomy over time, we have added to the company's original core business - represented by the production of dental attachments - new product lines that are increasingly characteristic and linked to the requirements of our reference sector.
And so, we added to the production of dental attachments the production of compatible implant components, the creation of the Just in Time system for the production of semi-individualised abutments, the production of semi-finished products using the milling center with CAD CAM technology and of structures obtained using the hybrid Laser Melting / Milling technique .
And also the production linked to rapid prototyping and computer-guided surgery.

The new digital flows make up our present and are a reflection of our desire to continue to specialise in order to meet the challenges that the market sends us in the best way possible, turning them into opportunities to offer our customers.

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