Scent Of

Nothing is more memorable than a scent.

Smells explode in our memory like fireworks and make us remember facts, people, situations...

Therefore, it will not seem strange to you that we thought of a scent to further characterise our company and our daily life.

Since production and technology here at New Ancorvis are part of a much larger whole that is spirit of belonging, determination, enthusiasm, hard work, faces...

This fragrance - which we proudly called “New Ancorvis The Perfume” - serves precisely to make sure that our mood and essence are imprinted in your memory, so that when you smell it in the air you think of us with a smile.

Yes, it’s a delicate idea... but it is as strong as titanium and it tells you about a concentrated and well-defined identity by stimulating the oldest and most powerful of our senses - the sense of smell.

And so just like with any respectable eau de parfum, the construction is complex and ambroxan, Iso and Super, woods and flowers, pink pepper and citrus fruit combine to make our perfume a creation that talks about us and that is, of course, completely customised!

It's fantastic... we know! Actually... we are certain of this... Because of the 4 Limited Edition bottles that we produced... two were stolen from us as soon as they were launched!

This is another reason that convinces us we have the X Factor:  Our self-esteem is growing... And with it the desire to flood you with our essence!

By popular demand… available soon for you “New Ancorvis The perfume”!!!!!!

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Cultivate irony, even just for personal use ;-)

It is well known: customer experience is very serious!!!!

It is something that cannot be ignored and that all companies must bear in mind as a paradigm of an optimal result...

It is precisely for this reason that process validation operations according to New Ancorvis cannot be performed only with the best clinical studies and the constant application of highly qualified staff, but must be tested also by a hypothetical end user within the company, to find out whether something has been left out of our workflow.

Well, our “Beta Tester” in this completely digital project dedicated to computer-guided surgery is no less that the company’s CEO, Davide Cantoni ;-)!..........and it is in this way that the institutional aspect is abandoned and we try not to take ourselves too seriously, while always keeping in mind the importance of an ambitious project like this.

Setting aside the ironic and witty tone of the first lines, the Light Solutions project - we can’t resist telling you! - is something we are really proud of and it certainly embodies the stylistic code of an evolution in the approach to the clinical-technical daily activity which could only be given a tangible form.

In fact, the Light Solutions Project represents, in all respects, an innovative approach to the subject because it is considered as an entirely digital flow, with the aim of making this type of method available on a large scale in a simple and immediate manner and to meet the growing needs of the dental laboratory to manage the interaction with your customer in an even more fluid and articulated way, relying on a portfolio of solutions, production, components and dedicated software.

And there's more!

From our point of view the Light Solutions Network - open exclusively to dental clinicians who have a digital system in their laboratory - represents the New Ancorvis revolution in this panorama in every way, because it puts the figure of the dental technician in the spotlight, highlighting his professionalism and know-how.

Entering the Light Solutions Network guarantees the possibility of taking part in a highly formative and certified course on the entire New Ancorvis computer-guided surgery project, playing a proactive role within the entire workflow.

In fact, in this context, the dental technicians will be provided with all the instruments required for them to effectively interface with their own customers and be considered by them as a valid support in the use of this system.

This is the essence of our project: Light Solutions is a team game, in which the main actors - clinician, technician and all of us at New Ancorvis - work together well aware of their abilities and roles.

To learn more about our computer-guided surgery project, visit our website at this link and follow us on Facebook to find out the dates of the next meetings dedicated to the project!

A little sugar in your bowl...

Here we are officially talking to you about the fact that New Ancorvis has grown and has 1000 new square metres of activity and ideas for you to take part in!

So we would like to share the first look inside this brand new wing of our company!
For just over 20 days, we have been able to use this new space, characterised by our typical modern and captivating style, but with some more features, which you will find exciting!!!
Davide Cantoni (CEO of New Ancorvis, Ed.) describes these new spaces as comfortable and lively, immersed in a welcoming and fragrant atmosphere that expresses our whole way of being.
"The guests" – because the novelty consists in the fact that most of this space will be dedicated to you and to all the activities we plan to introduce to you from the second half of this year - "will be able to experience a new way of meeting and receiving information, based on comfort and the latest technological instruments.
And they will also be able to sip some unusual drinks during a meeting and enjoy a coffee break that smells like home… in the kitchen area …and relax too…”

Since we certainly haven’t forgotten that in order to be able to concentrate breaks are needed, …our areas dedicated to chilling out and playing, which sounds vintage in the video game era but is still fun like when we were kids, achieve this objective perfectly.

Yes but - let us make it clear ;-) - they are not just for you, ladies and gentlemen:  they are also for all of us who work at New Ancorvis every day and who can find a place where we can relax or work out ;-).....Because we’ve been told that since the times of the Greeks and the Romans, people took care of their mind and body to remain balanced and to be more productive ;-)

"My hope is that this new area of the company will become a place where we can practice our skills, where we can meet our customers and where we can feel at home” says Cantoni.

With a series of new upcoming activities that will tickle all your senses, New Ancorvis promises to keep up with your standards!
Until then, pour a glass of your favourite wine (red, white, rosé) and toast to us!


About when we thought of using WhatsApp for technical assistance

Uhm... let's start with a sore point ...technical assistance!

Many have told us that we are not available to our customers in time to resolve important technical problems and that, when we are available, we only are for a short time.

Indeed the New Ancorvis staff responsible for this activity is first of all a production team, the priority of which is to produce!

And yet this type of need, that we have been told about many times, has not only always been recognised by us as indisputable, but also as one of the company's duties towards its customers.

With the intention of resolving the issue, over time we have tried to identify solutions that meet this need while considering the needs of our internal activity.

In fact, the various strategies adopted have always worked as palliatives, leaving this side uncovered.

That is why, at a very unexpected time, while playing with a mobile phone, we had a great idea.

Technical assistance must be offered in this way: with numbers dedicated to the different product lines via WhatsApp using mostly voice messages that the customer will send to us and to which our technical staff will answer in the same way either by telephone or via email as soon as possible.

At a fast pace and with adisruptive aptitude (as they say in environments that matter! -Ed.) we have prepared this system - that is the integration of the instant messaging service in the contact channels between you customers and our customer care - which is giving us an appreciable result!

Of course we haven’t solved the problem 100% yet - indeed we are already studying new interface systems with the customer to be activated next year - but in this way the barriers created by the time slots during which it was possible to communicate with our technical staff have been eliminated, the system offered is completely free, certain files can be sent and you can see when the message has been read in real time. We even keep an archive of all these conversations and we are much faster than before!

And so we are proud of the solution we found because - even if it doesn’t solve the problem completely - it is smart and it proves not only that technology is our friend but also that, if combined with open minds, it really does produce interesting results, with all due respect to Mr. WhatsApp who has seen his creature degenerate but who is benefiting from it - so we heard - at a global level… watching it transform from a trend for the youngest to a multi-platform mobile communication standard!


At New Ancorvis, the day begins with a massive dose of coffee, which makes us all active and reactive, ready to face our everyday life with enthusiasm!

And this caffeine overdose can be seen in all areas, especially in those that contribute most to defining the temperament of our company.

Always working in a state of constant restlessness, seen as striving towards doing better, towards seeking new goals, coming up with new ideas and solutions, allows us to constantly question ourselves and, in a certain way, encourage ourselves to go beyond our limits.

Needless to say, ladies and gentlemen, that you might be thinking of a fictionalised copy of us, where we paint a slightly distorted picture, describing ourselves as defenders of hard work, perfection and every positive connotation that comes to mind.

Well, that's not what it’s like! We are actually a team that challenges itself continuously and tries to give more every day.

The downside is that we are always under pressure, never completely satisfied, with a few more visible wrinkles and dark circles, although we are not yet falling apart, and sometimes we are not able to find the right solution!

And in fact, our ability to evolve does not always find its natural satisfaction in ideas that are born within the walls of our company:  much more often, our source of inspiration is what is outside.

The suggestions that come from our surrounding environment, from listening to our customers’ difficulties and needs, are in fact a precious source of inspiration for us. 

And then being open to inputs, ideas and concepts from the youngest members of the company, for age and for experience, is essential at New Ancorvis to maintain the energy used to face new challenges every day.

It is with this thick, boiling coffee that we consolidate the bases of our business development and our striving towards continuous innovation.