Pay attention to the little things, because one day you will turn around and realise they were big

Christmas is coming and we’ll finally have the chance to spend some time with our loved ones, take care of ourselves and relax!

In our personal guide to Christmas presents – because thinking a little about ourselves also means buying ourselves a present every now and then – books are one of the top gift ideas!

Yes, yes... a book! And no, we have not gone mad!

We know, it may seem to you like a vintage choice for us who love technology and mobile devices, but do you want to know the truth? Reading a book is a true elixir for health, mood and business!!!

Patience and perseverance… Shall we talk about how much we need these things every day at work and at home?!!? Well, reading is good for both... because finishing a book requires determination, concentration and patience... but step by step, page after page, even the most inaccessible mountain, just like the most complex volume, can be climbed, finished!

Studies conducted at Kingston University in London have shown that coming into contact - while we read - with other people's feelings and emotions, allows us to recognise them in real life... That’s it, a good Team Leader and also a good Team member – in whatever field they work - must have an essential gift… l’empathy!!!! Being able to refine it by reading is therefore a great possibility that is given to us and that is accessible to everyone.

And, what's more, a book allows us to interrupt our thoughts, increasingly stressed by hyperconnection and iphones, and to focus on something more fun and relaxing... And with a distracted mind - nobody can prove us wrong here! – we will be ready to face even the most challenging meeting and moreover with a revived vocabulary!

Just think that the neuroscientist David Lewis of the University of Sussex has discovered that reading reduces stress by 68%.... That's why reading before bed is a very useful habit to improve our sleep, since it relaxes our mind and prepares it for a regenerating sleep!

So what are we waiting for???  Let’s all enjoy a peaceful Christmas with the smell of ink... because knowing how to enjoy the little things and drawing from them the best they can offer... is the best wish for anyone.

Happy Holidays!

That crazy man that was Einstein... He really did know a thing or two

Come on... you can’t keep on believing that continuing to do the same things all the time will allow you to achieve different results… because, let’s face it, every once in a while changes and innovations work like restorative vitamins if you have been ill for a long time.
Our friend Albert - who apparently was a dunce at s(k)ool, but then he surprised us all! - went further by claiming (as he did) that "Who blames his failure to a crisis neglects his own talent, and is more respectful to problems than to solutions. The greatest inconvenience of people … is the laziness with which they attempt to find solutions to their problems. There's no challenge without a crisis; without challenges, life becomes a routine, a slow agony. There's no merit without crisis. It’s in the crisis where we can show the very best in us. Without a crisis, any wind becomes a tender touch.… "
In short, it’s a bit like saying that when there is a crisis - and the wise etymology of this word tells us that a crisis is nothing more than a moment of choice, of a tough decision - necessity sharpens our mind and it’s a good job that we sometimes find ourselves in situations outside of our comfort zone, in which we can use our creativity and all of our resources to change, question, rethink!
Once again it depends on the self-determination of each of us to decide whether or not it’s an opportunity!
Obviously we lean towards this interpretation and we firmly believe that working hard - in any area of our life in which we must make a tough decision - allows us to overcome and transform any difficulties into something positive and different.
Considering that Albert always looked at the world with curiosity during his life, it is clear that the key to finding new solutions is to ask others and ask ourselves questions, investigate ourselves and our surroundings… with the kind of determination to achieve our goals/dreams that doesn’t allow you to give up, not even in the face of failure
And to you who might consider these ideas to be rhetorical and smile sarcastically while thinking “yeah, whatever, all hot air!”, we would like to say that they are not only simple incontrovertible truths but actually the pillars of modern management…
In our opinion it is nice to think that trying to behave like this every day makes us work better and faster… That's why today we wanted to talk a little about this friend of ours…. With a little imagination, why don’t you invite him to dinner too?!… You’ll have loads of fun …and apparently he has a great brain too!

Jingle bells swing and Jingle bells ring...

Near Christmas and, above all, the new year, our wish for you is to always have a positive attitude, and to be resilient.

The word "resilience" is a beautiful word because it indicates the ability to face every situation, even the hardest, with the awareness of being able to overcome it, to “fall” and to get up again, while continuing to grow, in all areas, including work.

Here at New Ancorvis we are passionate supporters of the fact that being a company made up of solid and positive people is the key to making the organisation grow in terms of productivity and profitability.  This is why we believe that positive thinking within the company teaches us how to think differently about both positive and negative events, making the most of them.

Mind you, it’s not just us saying this.

There are neuroeconomic studies that support these theories as well as various research results showing that a positive mind is 39% faster and more accurate in making decisions than a negative, neutral or stressed one, due to the chemical reactions that develop in our brain while in this specific mental state (Long live dopamine! )

And now let's focus on even more serious things .

Let’s talk about the sumptuous Certosino with a high calorie content, with its dried fruit, chocolate, jam, butter and eggs, that is waiting for us!

Yes, that’s right!  The typical panettone from Bologna, that we couldn’t resist eating - even though virtually - right now with you, to wish you a very merry and peaceful Christmas!

And the slice of delicious cake will be followed by a toast and then presents!!!

Well, we have a lot in store for you... They are all Top Secret projects that we have been working on for months to make sure your 2017 is full of new opportunities!

And now STOP!

Let's enjoy our family, friends, loved ones, dogs and cats... And let's take care of ourselves... By thinking positive!

Welcome to our Blog ;-)!

You're here finally! Welcome...

We will use this almost magical space to talk about ourselves in a way you are not used too, independent from institutional showcases and product displays!

And these words we will use are the most intimate and true ones that represent our way of doing business, the essence of our strength and of our vision of the future!

We will tell you what happens behind the scenes of a dynamic, young and aggressive company like ours and of the heart and passion and pride we put into our work every day.

We will explain why New Ancorvis is a company not lead by a simple group of people but by a team, who work together to achieve a single goal, who believe in respecting the customer and quality, who honour the consistency of intents and who work hard to improve constantly.

We are certain that you will like this journey too... which will perhaps be unusual but certainly fascinating... and which will allow you to get to know New Ancorvis and its personality IN OTHER WORDS!

Stay with us: the journey begins now!