Don’t be afraid

 It is not easy to write anything at this particular moment in time that doesn’t come across as being pure rhetoric or badly worded, but it’s also true that it’s just in situations like these that your voice has to be heard, to send a message, a plea, or express a point of view.

New Ancorvis’ point of view, understood as coming from a group of individuals, is one of analysis and realisation, with a vision – out of need – that jettisons beyond the boundaries of business and into the social and civil sphere.

non avere paura

Don't be afraid. The events we are experiencing flip the belief that we can determine and control the future with the actions we take in the present, and force us to face up to the inescapable limits that characterise our lives: birth and death. So much for the feeling of immortality that we nurture with a certain theatrical flair.
The isolation imposed on us by the measures to contain the epidemic has led us to rediscover - in a kind of paradox - that the forced separation from others (a potential danger to us, just as we are to them! ) makes them less nebulous, forcing us to think not only of our own well-being but even that of others.
And yet, if on the one hand the invaluable rediscovery of the value of others, the importance of the home and a certain basic, fundamental aspect underscore what is really important, on the other hand we have the virus – an invisible, unpredictable enemy. Evidently treacherous, as we all know by now!

Covid-19 came into our lives and forced us to stop, changed the way we do things and shattered many of our certainties. We are learning to live day to day, watching the progress of the number of cases, in a Twilight Zone dimension that seems almost surreal and marked by ever-present news headlines.
And yes, it is scary!

But we think that fear is the greatest defensive weapon we have in our arsenal because it leads us to be conscientious, clear-headed and far-sighted to drive and arm ourselves with each possible precautionary measure and a strength to face up to the enemy and then – eventually! – breathe in the air of a new future.
Our companies and their managers are fighters, too, just as we at New Ancorvis are, with a desire, now more than ever, to forge ahead, without being disheartened, and we are already conceiving new business models.
It will not be the same as before, that’s quite clear. We really believe that we will all be better!
Firstly, because awareness leads to new goals and great results. Secondly, because determination fuels the desire to achieve them and, finally, because being ‘pizza lovers’ - pardon my French - triggers just the right feeling to put our hearts and souls into it, as only we Italians know how!
So come on, let’s get on with it! Proud, with our heads hung low and our noses to the grindstone.