Forrest Gump

Nearly a year has gone by since we last dedicated a piece about us to this blog.

We have rolled up our sleeves, got our hands dirty and worked virtually non-stop over 2021, focused on the desire to roll out our ideas, making use of techniques and technology, to continue to innovate and act as a reference point for you.
We kicked off ambitious projects, introduced new young resources and launched Innova.

Innova is what we like to call disruptive because it rewrites the rules of the deep-rooted, well-established cement-retained technique, by resolving some grey areas and making it easier and faster to implement.

It seems like light years ago since we reshaped the cement-retained link and introduced our V4 Base link:

- Highe
- With variable transmucosal heights and dedicated librarie
- With a smaller gingival diameter compared to the market standard and the same as that of the reference implan
- For use with screws for straight and angled holes

Plus: given the innovative threaded body structure which can be assembled with a series of interchangeable accessories that can be screwed onto the same link.
This led to the Pick Up and Scan Marker components, which can be used on all our V4 Base links and Lego and Regolo accessories!

It was May 2019 when our V4 System was conceived!

And September 1, 2021 marked the momentous day when our new Innova method was presented to the public!

A dramatic shake-up in the cement-retained technique tradition that allows you all to produce more and better, saving time while working sustainably, without wasting material for vastly improved production processes.
Bars and Toronto bridges, with non-engaging links, in Titanium and SLM Cobalt-Chrome, Zirconia and PMMA are milling procedures that can be managed by the Innova method
The V4 Base is the starting point of this revolution and a clear-cut example of the constant desire to improve and meet all your requirements.

Its thread is conceived as a complementary part of the structure, designed to secure it more firmly and accurately over time.

The innovation lies in the fact that the cement-retained link is screwed to the structure and the cement, which is still recommended to use, (only) acts as a seal.

The benefits are clear and to cite just a few:

- all the temporary cementation and decementation steps are eliminate
- decementation is minimise
- the implant links always remain intac
- the resulting oral cavity hygiene is excellen
- a much smaller screw access hole is also guaranteed

PMMA and Zirconia milling work can be managed IN-HOUSE in complete autonomy.
Not so bad, don’t you agree?
And don’t forget the tools designed to help carry out the steps included in the method.
What more is there to say other than we are incredibly proud!
Just as we are proud of feeling like modern-day Forrest Gumps: constantly on the move and the unwitting guardians of his wonderful lesson of acceptance of what happens to us, without fear or delay.

New Ancorvis continues to advance and grow, rarely looking back and dazzled by the future!

At the end of this year, which has once again been tough, our desire takes the form of a promise, to always have something to tell you.

The experiences of these last two years have corroborated out vision and intentions. They have bolstered our belief in the importance of keeping you at the centre of our universe, both small and large.

We have talked to you about the positive side of humanity to be brought out alongside the quality and safety of products and services: we have set out on this path along which we believe we will meet you.

Get ready for 2022 packed with new products and projects - don’t get caught napping!